Thesys cooperation

Music service combined with data analytical solutions

3G Multimedia is comitted to provide professional music services with full technological and business support. We’ve teamed up with Thesys Group as our Data and Business Analytics Partner to make the most of our services.
Value added services should be supported with data analytical solutions. Together they can help you to deal with the typical Telecom industry challenges such as high churn rates, extremely high price competition and inadequate information about the customer’s habit.

How hard analytical issues can be connected with Music?

The first analytical issue is quite evident. It should be used when the MNO introduces a new VAS on the market. The key of the successful introduction is the good targeting, so the campaign management system has to fit to the offered VAS to reach good response rates. We have the analytical toolset to support this process.

The second analytical opportunity is a bit less obvious. It is useful when the MNO has already introduced the music service and the company gains a huge amount of data through the solution. We have the analytical toolset to collect, clear, process this data and integrate to you data marts. We can also help you to reveal the useful information stored in the VAS usage data in order to support you other analytical areas and business decisions.
What are the MNO’s benefits of combining VAS with analytical solutions?

Direct benefits Indirect benefits
More data about your clients and their habits Churn models with the additional information (from VAS)
New advertisement channel for campaigns Better campaign management, cross-sell and up-sell possibilities
Increase CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) New analytical based bonus and incentive systems



As a fruit of our collaborative labour with Hungarian music rights management organisation Artisjus, we’re able to share our social media toplist of Hungarian music, based on the analysis of Facebook likes and Youtube views.

To check out the latest Artisjus list head over to their website.


EMI Music publishing

At 3G Multimedia we are fanatic about providing the best user experience in the most economical way in all fields. This is why we are most happy and proud of our exclusive and unparalleled agreement with one of the world’s biggest and best music companies, EMI Music publishing. With our alliance we can bring a new set of products to the instore music market, where the best of our streaming technology and music recommendation is supported with the best production music catalogue of the world. All this, in a way where at least 25% saving can be made on the overall costs of instore music, while the experience grows.