Web experience

When it comes to bringing music to the web, 3GM has the solution to every aspect of your online music service needs. Whether it’s on-demand streaming, offline play, music search, up-to-date music charts, automatic playlist generation, recommendations, localization, you name it – we make it happen. Choose the features you need, and how you need it, the rest is taken care of. We deliver the content of your choice, be it the latest hits, the compilation of subgenres, or strongly localized music.

Front end appearance, graphics and functionality are all easily customizable.

Social interaction is a key part of the music experience. We can integrate all the features you need to connect with friends and groups through any social network.  Sharing songs, playlists, recommending artists to friends, or discovering new music via people that share the same interests – it’s all part of the experience.  A user’s personal preference in music can be instantly identified by their social network interests, personalizing end user experience from the get-go.

As music is becoming more and more digital, it’s getting harder to keep track of all the new music that is constantly appearing. That is why we implement innovative music recommendation algorithms, to assist you in your journey in music discovery.

MG3 Cloud Music – bringing music to the web in the most flexible way possible.

To see one of our solutions with our Hungarian partner T-Mobile, head over to ZeneCenter!


Mobile experience

Digital music brings freedom. Having a music streaming application on your mobile phone provides the most carefree, easy, and adjustable listening environment for your everyday life. Our cloud-based music infrastructure provides complete cross-platform compatibility, so all the different devices can share the same music, user settings, or playlists. All synced up and ready to go!

With streaming technology, our extensive music collection can now fit in the palm of your hand.

We also provide media center functionalities, combining online streaming media with the end user’s personal mp3 collection (including online storages such as SkyDrive).


Instore experience

In the world of retail business, it’s the small things that can really make a difference. Music can be the final touch, the medium that ties your sales area together, and makes customer experience really enjoyable. Whether it’s elegant jazz for bank branches, calming pop for hypermarkets, or fresh dance music for fashion shops, we have it all. But why stop here  – do you need music for outdoor events? Sure! Conferences? Of course! Workout music for your gym? No problem!

Instore devices have access to the same music database as our streaming applications – millions of commercially available tracks across all genres. However, we also have an instore exclusive selection of non-commercial music tracks, available from the best and widest catalogue of Production Music. Your go-to choice for cutting down on music royalty payments.

Our self-developed Instore client devices offer the flexibility and responsiveness of our music streaming applications. Using our administration interface, you can schedule the music you would like to be played, customizable up to each individual outlet. This is not only for music, however – you can manage ad campaigns in the same manner, uploading and timing your spots the way you wish. Or you can just leave the scheduling to us, according to your specifications – it’s up to you.

It’s no wonder that so far in 2013, more than 120 outlets of Hungarian Tesco hypermarkets switched to the background music solutions of 3GM. It’s simply worth it.